cooperation with Jan Škrob
video 6:30, voice, digital performance

Video works with common thing, which could have metro passengers and cosmonauts. The common thing is a ventilation system. Prague´s metro stations were built deep underground, according to the Soviet type of metro. The ventilation system and ventilation shaft were built together with stations, which they have role, bringing the fresh air and take away the exhaled air. The air ventilation system is important for passengers in the metro stations, for cosmonauts / astronauts, air conditioning and oxygen generators are also important for their life on space stations. The video captures the author's movement in the International Space Station, using 360 ° images, that are available online on internet. Part of the video is a spoken essay composed by Jan Škrob. The essay presents feelings of breathing in the metro stations deep underground. The whole video with the voice shows to the viewer a kind of performative expression, that metro stations and space stations could have common thing.